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“Nothing else in the world is better than to see someone alive and well, knowing that the night she was going to commit suicide a friend invited her to see a band called Hardie Avenue that she had never heard before, and her life was changed”, says Yuriy.


When Hardie Avenue started in Seattle, Washington in 2005, we did not have any strategy or vision we just wanted to play music; hoping that some day we will be playing all over the world. In spite of our immaturity as musicians, our message in the first album “Fathers Love’’ was just that. Just as we need our parents to look over us and raise us when we are kids we need a heavenly father Lord Jesus Christ to help us through our journey in life.


Until 2007 when lead singer Yuriy Mayba was kicked out of church for playing rock music that they did not allow, the band did not move forward to pursue their career. Later that same year they started working on the album called “Army Of One” the name was born out of loneliness; when lead singer Yuriy left that church he found himself alone in a room thinking, there are so many denominations but there is only one God. ‘’Until we come together in spite of our differences we will never show the Love Of Christ to people that need it “ says Yuriy.The songs, “Army Of One” and “Hard Times” on the album received very positive reviews, after they were put on a YouTube video “Top Christian songs”. ( The band began to travel locally and out of state to play their songs. Their first music videos were “Army Of One”, “Hard Times” and “Journey Started”.


In 2008 they recorded an album called “Piercing The Darkness” after which they where heard by Tate Records. Hardie Avenue was then invited to sign with them for their new album. In 2009 Yuriy told his band that his intentions were to move to Tulsa, Ok, as it would be easier for marketing purposes. The only person that moved with Yuriy and his family of five was at that time their lead guitarist, Montaque Reynolds who later left the band. Upon their arrival to Tulsa Yuriy started from scratch to build the band. “I did not know where to start, the only place that I knew to find musicians was Craigslist, so I started there”


This is when the real story begins, says Yuriy. “I was driving to meet Dave Allie, who is now our bass guitarist for the first time. I did not now how to explain to him that I didn’t have a band although the Craigslist ad said that we were a signed band, it was only me. But from that moment God helped us to find great friends, the best musicians and most importantly of all, people who love God from different denominations but united at heart to preach the Gospel and show the love of God to the world ”


In 2009 they recorded the album “Beautiful Words” with Tate Records and the band started traveling to the nearest states surrounding Oklahoma. They where invited to do their first TV appearance on a show called Oklahoma Live Show. ( Soon after Hardie Avenue had the opportunity to open for many well-known bands


In 2012 the band recorded self-titled EP with the help of “From The Depths Entertainment”. They had opportunity to play with bands like Disciple, Hawk Nelson, White Collar Sideshow, Abandon, Shawn McDonald, Satellites and Sirens, Family Force 5, Jars of Clay, Write this Down, Spoken, Vince Lichlyter (Jonah33), Sent by Ravens, Ryan Stevenson.


In September 2013 they have released a new album Party At The End Of The World. Shortly after releasing, the band went on their PR tour. They've been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX and other TV stations On their tour they were interviewed by many radio stations but one of them was very special, It was Elvis SiriusXM Radio which they had a lot of fun doing. After the interview they received an invitation to visit Graceland! With this album they released three singles "Party At The End Of The World" "To Love Like You" and "Now I Say" Two of their singles "Party At The End Of The World" and "To Love Like" got to Top 10 in Christian radio. Also the album was featured in many magazines and reviews. One of them was CCM Magazine which gave them a four Star Review. They also shared the stage with bands like, Fireflight, Sanctus Real, Children 18:3, Shawn McDonald, KJ 52, Antem Lights, Seven Times Down, Manic Drive and many more.


In January 2014 they started recording their new album self titled ''Hardie Avenue'', on March 15 they released a single from the album featuring Rob Beckley from the band Pillar.  The Album Came out on 11/11/2014 

On Hardie Avenue, the band has collaborated with fellow hit makers Manafest and Pillar frontman Rob Beckley on the tracks “Dance with My Hero” and “Indestructible”.


Yuriy says, “In the last year our band has changed like never before. It is not just the music coming from the stage or just a performance. It is now more about relationship, we are not just playing a concert but we are also sharing who we were and how God has changed our lives. There has never been a time that we did not see someone give his or her life to God, someone healed, someone turned from committing suicide or pulled from depression. We will go on to show the light that God put in our hearts!”


Hardie Avenue Band consists of


Yuriy Mayba - lead singer/guitar

 Dave Allie - bass guitar / back vocal

Steve Allie – lead guitar


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